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Minneapolis, Minnesota -- Although 81 percent of the American people want to write a book, most of them don’t believe they have the time. “Writing on the Run™ Tip of the Week” offers one quick, practical, inspiring, and creative idea each week to help professional and aspiring writers make time and space for writing. Each tip also contains an inspiring quote about the writing life from a successful author. To subscribe to this free e-mailed letter go to www.writingontherun.com. While there, download "101 Tips for Writing on the Run," take the "Pet Personality Quiz for Writers," or make a selection from the "Guilt-Free Writing Checklist of Excuses."

Allen and Linda Anderson, long-time writing instructors at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, have found creative ways to keep writing while raising a family, working day jobs, traveling, and coping with health and financial challenges. The Andersons’ writing class students were always lamenting that they'd like to write more but didn't have the time. So the Andersons started sharing their unconventional ways for writing, publishing and marketing books.

Learning to “write on the run” paid off well for their writing students and for the Andersons. Asked by publisher, New World Library, to write an ongoing series of books, the Andersons are now established, best-selling authors. Their books include Angel Animals: Exploring Our Spiritual Connection with Animals, Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort, God’s Messengers: What Animals Teach Us about the Divine, Angel Dogs: Divine Messengers of Love, Rainbows & Bridges: The Animal Companion Memorial Kit, Angel Horses: Divine Messengers of Hope, Rescued: Saviing Animals from Disaster, Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles, Angel Dogs with a Mission: Divine Messengers in Service to All Live, Angel Animals Book of Inspiration, and Horses with a Mission: Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service.

The Andersons' work has twice been featured on NBC's The Today Show and also on ABC's Nightly News with Peter Jennings. They have been the subject of national wire service articles and interviews in London newspapers and by BBC Radio. To help others (such as lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, truck drivers, and domestic goddesses), they publish the free “Writing on the Run Tip of the Week.” Their Website and Tips have recently been recommended by Writer's Digest's e-mail newsletter resulting in thousands of daily visitors to their Website.

Allen Anderson says, "Most people who aspire to the writing life have to figure out how to fit it into busy schedules, full households, and loads of self-doubt. We can relate to this push-pull tug of wanting to write but not having the time or even, the confidence. When our children were young, I worked the “graveyard” shift in public safety. Linda had the demanding responsibility of being the literary manager for a regional theater. In addition to chauffeuring our children and pets to appointments and trying to have quality family time, we each wrote in the early morning and late evening hours."

In 1996, the Andersons formed themselves into a writing team and began to write, publish, and promote their first Website (www.angelanimals.net), printed newsletter, book proposal, and book. To work as a team, they had to become even more proficient at Writing on the Run™.

 At the Writing on the Run Website the Andersons provide answers to age-old questions about why people write:

--Writing is how many of us understand and complete the experiences of our lives.

--Studies have proven that writing is an antidote to depression; people who write about their painful life experiences recover from them more easily and quickly.

--Writing becomes a lifeline of communication to people all over the world.

--Writing can provide additional, even full-time, income.

--Writing provides an enjoyable way to express thoughts, feelings, and insights – even if it’s only to yourself.

Linda Anderson says, "For me, learning to write on the run has offered a natural way to write any time, any place. I now view life as my page. I've learned how to make writing an integral part of every day without sacrificing family, social, and personal relationships."

Visit www.angelanimals.net/media.html to view press releases, bio,
photographs, interviews, articles news videos, and other details.



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