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The May ’05 Writer’s Digest magazine named Writing on the Run
as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers.


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How to Submit a Writing on the Run™ Idea

E-mail your best 200-word idea for making time and space to write. Include a 25-word bio. If we publish your idea in the newsletter, you will receive a byline and the bio in which you can mention your own writing projects. For those of you who are getting started in writing, this is a good way to have a quick publication credit for your bio. For seasoned writers, it's a great way to share your knowledge with beginning writers.

We are also collecting ideas for a book we are writing on this subject. If we want to use your submission in the book, we will pay $10 for the idea and we will include your 25-word author bio in the book. You will sign a publisher's release form granting nonexclusive rights for using your idea in our book.

Please include your contact information: Name, address, phone number (optional) if you want us to put your idea in the book file for possible use.

E-mail: writingontherun@aol.com

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